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Kapsack & Bair - DUI Defense Testimonials

Below are statements from actual DUI clients. You can also read remarks from DUI professionals.

I felt compelled to write a testimonial about the superb experience I had dealing with Kapsack and Bair. I was facing a 3rd DUI offense and was sure I would be doing jail time. I spoke with Mr. Kapsack and after I explained my history and circumstance, he explained how he would defend the case. I was immediately put at ease and understood I was dealing with a true expert and professional. I was initially hesitant at the fee, but as they say, you get what you pay for.

I can honestly say it was worth more than I paid. Mr. Bair ultimately assumed my case and I couldn't have asked for better representation. With each of my inquiries, the entire team was responsive and informative. I will never need this service again, but I would strongly recommend to anyone in this unfortunate situation to go with the best. There simply is no better firm for DUI defense.


Palo Alto, CA

Getting a DUI can be very stressful. We went to so many attorney's and did not feel comfortable with anyone. After losing all hope we came across Bruce Kapsack. After meeting with him for 20 mins we knew he was the one we needed to hire. He is so knowledgeable. His staff is so friendly. We walked out of their knowing we are in good hands. That was the first night we had a good night sleep. I highly recommend him. He is honest and professional. I am very pleased with the outcome.

Thanks to him and his staff for being so helpful.

—K. T.
Sunnyvale, CA

I am writing this to express my sincere thanks to your firm for representing me in my criminal case. Your staff is knowledgable and very efficient at what they do. I was treated with respect and felt like I was a priority at your office. You answered all my questions completely and gave me a sense of ease about my situation. You talked straight and didn't promise anything you could not deliver. The results of my case were beyond my expectations and I would endorse your firm to anyone needing representation. I thank you for keeping my record clean and me out of jail.

Thanks again,

—J. G.
Pleasant Hill, CA
June 2009

Hello Bruce,

I thought I would write you and thank you for all your help! I have utilized all types of attorneys in the past and have never had someone work every angle of possibilities as you have! Thank you!

Thank you again for your expertise I will refer anyone to your firm!!

Thank you!

--K. S.
San Jose

I want to convey my sincere thanks and gratitude to you.

I was facing a third offense (in 6 year) DUI. The minimum sentence of 120 days to a year in jail plus all the other HIGH penalties would have been devastating. I don't know how but Mr. Kapsack some how wranglled a FIRST OFFENSE outcome . I had a bac of .22 so I recieved a 9 mo. dui course, lower penalties and only 2 DAYS JAIL TIME with 1 day served (did time at a local park raking leaves).

I will never need Mr Kapsacks services again but if anyone reading this need the services of an Excellent, #1 law firm I wholeheartedly endorse Kapsack and Bair.

Again,I just wanted to thank you for an outstanding job handling my case.


I want to convey my sincere thanks and gratitude to you, Hudson and the rest of your staff for doing a great job on my case and getting what is truly a favorable outcome for me. While involved in my case, [your associate attorney] and Hudson both performed exceptionally and demonstrated a great deal of professionalism. I appreciate the hard work you all have put into my case, as well as the timeliness in meeting deadlines that is so critical in a case like this.


Dear Mr. Bair,

I appreciate you taking the time to meet with me a few weeks ago about my DUI case. You were the most straight-forward attorney that I had met with. Fortunately the DA has decided not to prosecute so I am very happy but I just wanted to send you a note and thank you for the good and honest advice.


I wholeheartedly endorse Kapsack and Bair. I was charged with my 2nd offense DUI, facing severe penalties. All other attorneys I spoke with told me that the best I could hope for was an alcohol related reckless driving, based on my blood alcohol. Mr. Kapsack promised me he would do better and he did, completely avoiding an alcoholic related offense. I would recommend his services to anyone.

This is especially true since a friend of mine hired another law firm with a big name attorney who promised great results. This attorney bragged about never losing a trial. When it came down to my friend's case going to trial, the attorney handed it over to a different attorney who promptly lost the case. Mr. Kapsack promised he would be my attorney for my whole case and he was.


I was facing a third offense DUI. The minimum sentence of 120 days and 3 years loss of driver's license would have been devastating. No other attorney believed that a nearly .20 blood alcohol could be defended, nor did any attorney believe me when I told them the police ignored my request for a blood test. While Mr. Kapsack was the only attorney who believed my story, he also understood and then demonstrated to the court that my constitutional rights were violated. Kapsack and Bair fought tirelessly for nearly two years, finally settling the case for a reckless driving. Despite dozens of appearances above and beyond the norm for a DUI case and despite my offer to do so, Kapsack and Bair never received any fees beyond what was originally agreed upon.


Dear Bruce and Hudson,

I wanted to write to you to say thank you very much for your services. I was very pleased with the outcome of my DUI Experience. The final outcome of the Wet Reckless was a relief. I will definitely tell others about the good job that was done as well as refer your services whenever possible. Thanks again and good luck in the future.



I wanted to extend my thanks to you personally for your representation with my son. I am pleased that we decided to seek legal council to minimize the impact of this unfortunate event.

Thanks again!


Being from a foreign country I was very scared when I was arrested. From the moment I met Bruce Kapsack I knew I had made the right choice. Mr. Kapsack took the time to explain all the options in my case and what they would mean to me. I was confident he would help me through this time of terrible stress.

When Bruce told me that the DUI charge was being reduced to a non-alcohol related offense, I was ecstatic. Rather than having to pay a huge fine, serve jail time and lose my license, I received what amounted to a traffic ticket. Mr. Kapsack stood with me throughout my case and I stand by him as the best attorney I could have.


I am writing to express my appreciation for your work on my case. I chose you to represent me because you came across as being a combination of very smart and also a street fighter. I believe that you care about your clients' constitutional rights and take it personally when you see them being violated. Your performance on my case indicates that I made the right decision in selecting you and your firm.


I have been very pleased with my representation from Kapsack and Bair. Their firm has been very hard working and has kept me informed of all legal steps along the way. I have saved time and gained peace of mind through this relationship.


I was indeed pleased with my results but felt that the fees were high in comparison to other quotes given by other attorneys. [However] bumping down my 2 arrests to a dry reckless and a wet reckless was well worth the extra money spent....Your services were outstanding.


In the ten years I've done alcohol counseling, your case is certainly the most unique ... just twelve hours and no education? (in reference to one of our clients).

OCH (Occupational Health Safety)

Dear Mr. Kapsack,

I am happily traveling through Spain and Europe, in great part thanks to you and I finally get a chance to write and thank you for you and your partner handling my DUI case. Almost immediately you put my mind at ease. Mr. Bair gave me the best news I could have hoped for. The DA was not prosecuting. I was completely free of all charges. I could not believe it.

Thanks to you I am able to make my yearlong trek. Well ... after a month of traveling, I finally get the chance to properly thank you and Mr. Bair. Without you, I am pretty sure I would still be at home dealing with my case. As it is, my biggest concern now is how to say "good morning" in a couple of languages. So thanks, again, very much and all the best to you and your firm


Thanks asgain for your help in my case...I had a great experience and I will be sure to recommend your services.


Dear Mr. Bair,

Thank you so much in providing the level of expertise in developing the facts on my behalf. Mr. Kapsack's skills in resolving this matter with the Alameda County DA showcase the work of a Maven. Thanks again.

I was arrested for my first DUI after a roll over accident in San Mateo County. I hired a local attorney to handle both the court and the Department of Motor Vehicle action for a bargain fee. No motions were filed and it appeared no work was going to be done on the case. While that matter was still pending, I was arrested for a second DUI where the blood technician stuck me with a needle over 4 times in an effort to obtain my blood.

Because the technician was inept, no blood could be drawn and the case was labeled a 'refusal'. My current attorney told me the best thing to do would be to plead to both cases and hope for the best. Since I was looking at a first and second offense DUI and a refusal to boot, I was in need of superior help.

I contacted Kapsack & Bair LLP., and met with Bruce Kapsack. Not only did he find problems with the second case, he showed me where the first attorney missed defenses to the original DUI. I decided to hire Kapsack & Bair, LLP., to handle all my matters.

It took almost two years, but they came through with flying colors. I was able to win both DMV hearings to keep my license. They beat one DUI entirely, and had the other reduced to a non DUI offense. In short, instead of losing my license for two years, going to jail for thirty days and paying huge fines, I paid a small fine and attended traffic school.

One last point, despite the length of time my cases took, and the fact that appeals were included along with numerous motions and appearances, Kapsack & Bair, LLP never once asked for any money above that to which we originally agreed. It was clear that they were fighting for me the entire time.

I can not say enough about their services.


First of all, I would like to say thank you for today's outcome. I appreciate your effort. I will recommend your firm to anyone who gets DUI.


Dear Mr. Kapsack:

In December 2001, after receiving a DUI while on a business trip to California, I contacted several attorneys for legal advise on how to be represented on this out of state charge. I was told by every one of them that my only option would be to plead guilty and hope for a lenient sentence. California was the worst possible place to get a DUI charge in their experience. So, with two weeks before trial, I hired a local attorney to represent me and plead me out. When he quit returning my calls I began to get a very bad feeling about him handling my case. I was very worried and knew there had to be a better way. After lots of additional research I found your web site and that was when I found my first ray of hope! You were the only attorney I spoke with that had experience in working with the local DA and also had consistent success on tough cases. In my case, the DUI charge was solid and I did not see much hope in fighting it. I cannot tell you enough how your firm's persistence, patience, confidence and hard work saved me. You chipped away on the case until we finally got a break. I truly believe that your understanding of the DUI trial process and the way you handled the case saved me from a conviction. Even when my first attorney was one day away from going to trial to plead me out, you picked up the case that day before trial, executed all the attorney transfer papers and got us the time extension we needed to properly work on the case. Over the next 12 months you worked the case very professionally and gathered the evidence we needed to build our case. When you called to tell me the charge had been reduced to a reckless driving I could hardly believe it. In addition, there was no community service or driving class time that I had to do.


Bruce, thank you so much for winning my battle and getting my case dismissed. Your expertise in the local court system and all facets of DUI defense proved second to none. Hiring you as my defense attorney was a great decision. Now I can put this trying experience behind me. You are the best! Thanks again.


I was charged with a DUI and other embarassing charges, conviction of which would have ruined my life. Kapsack & Bair was able to have those charges dismissed and to successfully defend my license at the DMV Administrative Per Se hearing. I cannot put a price tag on what their work was worth to me.

Hudson, as I told you on the phone, I appreciated the compassion you showed during a situation that was very painful and humiliating to me.


Thank you for your help with my case. I am very pleased with the outcome.


I want to thank Kapsack and Bair for their help in representing me. With a blood alcohol of .19 and driving a car with two flat tires, every attorney I spoke to said my case was hopeless. Not only did Kapsack and Bair prevail at the department of Motor Vehicles, allowing me to keep my license, but they were able to get my court case entirely dismissed.


I'm writing to thank you for your excellent work regarding my recent infraction. When the court bungled my initial arraignment and dismissed my case, I thought I was lucky. When they realized their mistake and scheduled me for a second arraignment, I thought I had a defendable case but I knew I needed the right attorney.

Frankly, not all attorneys have the guts to make constitutional arguments for a traffic case. Not only did you present both "double jeopardy" and "speedy trial" arguments, but you maneuvered the commissioner into a logical corner where he had to agree on the latter point. Case dismissed!



Dear Mr. Kapsack,

I'm writing to thank you for your support and advice in the matters in which I was involved. I especially appreciate your willingness to advise me despite the fact that you were so busy. I'm still impressed that you took time out of your schedule, away from paying customers, to help a student in need. It's people like you who make sure the "little people" aren't being taken advantage of. I was appalled at the way I was treated by the system. I had always believed that the familiar saying, "innocent until proven guilty..." went unchallenged, but from my limited experience in the system I'd have to say that I was treated as if I were guilty from the start. Nobody wanted to listen. Nobody wanted to take the time to hear my side of the story. That is, until you. I guess what I really want to say is thank you for listening.



I just wanted to thank you for an outstanding job handling my (2nd) case. To know that I can rely on a professional law firm to deal with the legal justice system on my behalf is comforting. Thanks again for all your hard work.


I thank you so much for the work you put into my case. . . It will be a lot easier for me with my license. I will recommend your service to others.


... What I liked most about your defense, is that you respected my choice of a jury trial versus negotiating options with the prosecutor. That is what I see as being a true client advocate and giving it your best shot, win or lose ...

... I would gladly use, and endorse your services to anyone. Your victory and successful defense of my DUI case was most memorable and spectacular ...


Dear Hudson:

In 1998, after receiving my second DUI within a seven year period, I contacted several attorneys for free legal advise and had been told by every one of them that my best, and sometimes only, option would be to plead guilty and hope for a lenient sentence. When I received your letter I tossed it aside, along with many others. I felt like I had already been tried and convicted by everyone. My husband, on the other hand, became obsessed with proving me wrong and proceeded to contact your firm. And that was when I found my first ray of hope! You were the only attorney I spoke with that believed in my predicament and me. I cannot tell you enough how your firm's persistence, patience, confidence and hard work saved my life. I truly believe that I could not have lived with a second conviction. Even when the judge of this small backwater town threatened to throw the book at me if I didn't accept his "very generous" plea bargain, you conveyed to me the ability and confidence to find a way to have the jury return with a "not guilty" verdict on both counts. That was one of the most difficult decisions that I have ever had to make, but I am so grateful that I believed in you as much as you did in my case and me. You were absolutely brilliant in court!!



Attorney Kapsack,

When he was arrested for a D.U.I., I thought for sure we would lose our home and his truck. I just knew that he was going to jail and losing his license. You went to Court for him and got the charges reduced to a reckless driving and then the DMV wanted to suspend his license for six months for 4.5 point. You took care of that, also. I must say that,


Thank you, thank you and thank you,

--W.B., Commercial Trucker

Kapsack & Bair,

I must say that I was glad that I engaged you to assist me in this most traumatic experience. Your knowledge of the system was invaluable to me and allowed me to avoid the mistakes, which I would unquestionably have made, had I attempted to navigate the system unadvised. I shudder to think what that might have cost in emotional and economic terms.

--M.S.M., Doctor

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