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DUI Attorney / Author Bruce Kapsack

Bruce Kapsack - DUI Attorney Bruce Kapsack is the senior partner of Kapsack & Bair, LLP an AV rated firm practicing exclusively in DUI / DWI Defense. Mr. Kapsack pioneered many DUI defense strategies currently used by other California attorneys as well as law firms throughout the country.

He is:
bulletThe first California attorney to take and pass the American Bar Association's Board Certification exam for DUI Specialization;
bulletThe first California attorney to write for both California Drunk Driving Laws (James Publishing) and California Drunk Driving Defense (Thomson-West Publishing), the two seminal works for California DUI defense strategies;
bulletThe first California attorney to author supplemental editions of California Drunk Driving Defense;
bulletThe first California attorney to become an Instructor of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST's) under the guidelines of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA);
bulletThe first California attorney to qualify as a DRE under DrugEnsic Systems;
bulletThe first and only California attorney to own and operate the Draeger 7410 and 7110 Breathalyzers;
bulletThe first California attorney to own, operate and use in court an Intoxilizer 500 breath machine designed to measure blood alcohol content (BAC);
bulletThe first and only California attorney to depose Marceline Burns, the inventor of field sobriety tests;
bulletOne of the first attorneys to be trained as a user and maintenance technician of the Alco-Sensor IV hand held roadside BAC breath machine;
In addition to the above milestones, Bruce Kapsack consulted on a number of precendent setting DUI cases including State v. Dahood (NH), People v. Chun (NJ), Bruce has worked and/or lectured with virtually every major expert in the DUI arena, such as:

bulletDr. A.W. Jones — foremost expert in DUI
bulletDr. Kurt Dubowksi — foremost prosecution breath expert
bulletDr. Richard Jensen — foremost defense breath expert
bulletDr. Michael Hlastalla — foremost pulmonary expert
bulletDr. Fran Gengo — noted pharmacologist
bulletDr. Al Staubus — noted pharmacologist
bulletDr. John Churchill — New Zealand's top breath expert
bulletJohn Fusto — owner Datamaster corp
bulletHansulei Ryser — inventor Draeger breath machine
bulletNorm Forte — California top roadside breath expert
bulletDr. Marceline Burns — inventor field sobriety tests
When not defending clients, Mr. Kapsack writes and teaches other attorneys the keys to successful DUI defense. Mr. Kapsack's novel developments in science, law, and courtroom technique are frequently used by attorneys across the United States. In fact, virtually every DUI defense attorney in California has been trained by, read the works of, or attended one of Mr. Kapsack's lectures. His lectures for both the State Bar and for the California Public Defenders are among the best attended and they are videotaped and used for continuing education and training. Mr. Kapsack has been asked to write for DUI and criminal publications in California, where he writes the regular update on California DUI for the Public Defenders, and other states including New York, Nebraska, Ohio and nationally for The Champion magazine.

Currently, Bruce is under contract and almost done with a new nationwide DUI defense book through James Publishing. He is also at work on a new California DUI book for Thomson/West publishing.

Bruce graduated with honors from Plymouth State College in 1984 with a BA in Interdisciplinary studies. His Juris Doctorate was awarded to him from Washington College of Law at the American University in 1987 where he not only completed the usual curriculum, but also participated in clinical work which led him to argue before the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals.

After graduation, he was hired by the Bronx Legal Aid Society as a public defender where he rose to the level of Senior Trial Attorney in under five years. Until his resignation, Bruce was undefeated in trial which led to respect from judges and fear from prosecutors. Mr. Kapsack maintains his connection with public defenders by writing and lecturing as mentioned above, but also by regularly going to local PD offices to present half day seminars on defending DUI cases.

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